Troches may contain a wide range of medicines designed to be absorbed from the lining of the mouth (buccal mucosa).

The medication is delivered straight to the blood stream, avoiding gut absorption and liver first-pass metabolism.

HRT troches contain estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, dhea, pregnenolone as per prescription.

Contact your physician or chemist for more information.


The medication Triest is usually prescribed as a mix estriol, estradiol and estrone.

Chemists make creams and troches containing the strength prescribed, with or without other hormones.

Prescribers seeking more information on BHRT hormones, including common starting doses and benefits of each dosage form are encouraged to contact their pharmacist.

Sample troche trays (without hormones) are used to assist in patient counselling and flavour selection.


Chemists offer preservative-free formulations of common glaucoma treatments for patients with allergies to benzalkonium chloride (BAK) and other preservatives.

Preservative-free timolol eye drops are a medication compounded in various strengths from timolol maleate. Preservative-free eye drops require refrigeration.

Contact your ophthalmologist or chemist for more information.


Compounding chemists have been producing the medication as fused crystalline hormone pellets since the commercial ones were discontinued in Australia. Pure USP grade powder is used by chemists to produce a quality pellet that is sterilized. Private prescriptions are required for this medication.

Application: For subcutaneous insertion by trocar and cannula or by open surgery into a fatty area where there is relatively little movement, such as the lower abdominal wall or the buttock.