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Veterinary Compounding making medication a treat for pets.


Because of the different shapes and weights of animals, commercially available medicines are not always appropriate. They often come in large capsules or extra large doses of 100mg or more for human use. A small kitten may only need a dose of 15mg. That’s where compounding is especially helpful. We can compound a tuna flavoured suspension with the amount that is exact for the pet’s weight and condition. Dosages for dogs can also be very tricky. An antibiotic effective for a 40kg Rotweiller would be too much for a 4kg Chihuahua.


The pet that refuses to take medication because of the taste is often a prime candidate for compounding. Cats don’t like pills, but most like tuna. Dogs don’t appreciate a traditional solution of amoxycillin being squirted into their mouths, but will gladly take it when it’s part of a tasty biscuit or treat. Take a look at the list of available flavours here.

By working closely with veterinarians, a compounding pharmacist can prepare medicines into easy-to-give flavoured dosage forms that animals devour, whether the animal is a cat, dog, ferret, bird or snake.


Sometimes manufacturers will discontinue a medication used in veterinary applications. A compounding chemist may obtain the pure bulk pharmaceutical and prepare a prescription for the discontinued product.

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