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Alzheimer’s risk latest: noise, exercise and HRT

More good news on Alzheimer’s risk reduction – if you’re on HRT. Until now, research on HRT and dementia risk has been unclear: studies have shown that supplementing with oestrogen may reduce risk, but a multi-hormone prescription may not. But research published a couple of weeks ago – again in the British Medical Journal – found that there’s no link.

Alzheimer’s risk latest: noise, exercise and HRT

After tracking over 600,000 women across three decades, scientists found there was no correlation between dementia diagnosis and HRT usage – regardless of the type of hormone replacement used. ‘This large observational study found no overall association between use of menopausal hormone therapy and risk of developing dementia,’ the authors said. ‘This finding was consistent across different types of hormones, doses, applications, and time of hormone therapy initiation.’

In an opinion piece linked to the research, Prof JoAnn Manson, from Harvard Medical School, said the results should provide “reassurance” for women. I interviewed Professor Manson for The Age-Well Project three years ago, and we discussed the inconsistencies around research into HRT and dementia risk. She told me that research was underway then which would hopefully give clarity on the subject. So it’s great to see that research has now arrived with positive news for the millions of women taking HRT.