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What flavours are available in troches?

There are numerous flavours available in troches including;

  • Aniseed
  • Butterscotch
  • Lime
  • Spearmint
  • Vanilla
  • Wildberry

What is the most popular flavour?

Some of the hormones in troches can be quite bitter. Popular flavours such as wildberry, butterscotch and lime do a good job at masking that bitterness.

Are the flavours you use natural? Where are they sourced?

Most of the popular flavours are classed as ‘natural flavours or flavourings’ under the current food regulations. If you have special requirements please ask us.

When you say your hormones are ‘natural’ or ‘bio-identical’ what do you mean exactly?

‘Natural’ hormones refers to the structure of the hormones.

A bioidentical natural hormone is not human in origin but is identical in organic structure and function to human hormones. Bioidentical hormones are derived from a plant oil called diosgenin, which is very similar in chemical structure to our endogenous precursor hormone, cholesterol. Diosgenin is extracted from soybean and wild yams. It is then altered in a lab to exactly match the human hormones. Therefore they are referred to as bio-identical hormones (B-HRT). Any allergenicity to these plants is also removed during the conversion process.

Are the hormones derived from plants? Which ones?

Bioidentical hormones are derived from a plant oil called diosgenin, which is extracted from soybean and wild yams. Diosgenin is then altered in a lab to exactly match the human bioidentical hormones.

What is diosgenin?

Diosgenin is a phytoestrogen found in wild yam and soy. It is converted into human bioidentical hormones (e.g ) progesterone by a biochemist.

Are there any side effects from using bioidentical hormones?

The aim of ‘natural’ or ‘bioidentical’ hormones is to copy nature, and treat symptoms by elevating the levels of these hormones to the ‘normal range’. Like every medication, side effects may be experienced. However the side effects are often related to the dose, thus changing the formulation or dose may eliminate or at least reduce the side effects. This is where having ‘tailor made’ medication has its advantages.

Can I use natural hormone replacement while taking other medication?

It is usually okay, but check with your doctor.

Will I gain weight on these hormones?

No. Initially you may retain some fluid but once your dosage is fine tuned, you will shed fluid and actually tone up muscle and loose fat. Of course this depends on the hormones which have been prescribed for you and their respective concentrations.

What blood tests do I need to have?

It is helpful to find out what your hormone profile is before replacement is started. Women need Estradiol, FSH, Progesterone, free and total Testosterone and DHEA-S blood levels measured. Men require PSA, free and total Testosterone, Estradiol and DHEA-S blood levels measured.

If I have been on synthetic HRT how long should I wait to have a blood test?

It is possible to convert the synthetic dose you are taking into an equivalent BHRT dosage if we know what you are taking, and liaise with your doctor. However to obtain an accurate baseline reading, it is best to wait two to three weeks after stopping the synthetic HRT before having the blood test to measure your baseline hormone levels.

I would like to try BHRT, what do I need to do?

  1. Have a blood test to measure your baseline hormone levels.
  2. Based on your blood results, your symptoms, medical history and family history, your doctor can write a prescription. If you are using a doctor who is unfamiliar with prescribing BHRT, they may liaise with our pharmacists about your results over the phone or request a return facsimile prescribers form to help establish a starting dose.
  3. You need to provide us with your written original prescription, so that we can begin compounding your first treatment. Click Hereto read our guide to ordering your prescription medication. Provide us your prescription.

We will prepare the medication for you to collect or we will arrange to send it to you.

Can I see my own doctor, or can you recommend a doctor for me?

Many physicians already prescribe B-HRT. If your own physician is unfamiliar, we are happy to support your physician by providing written information, prescribing guidelines, and recommend formulations. Alternatively, contact us for a recommendation of a physician in your area.

Can I start using your hormones while I am still taking the Synthetic HRT

Whilst it is possible to mix synthetic and BHRT we do not recommend this.

When I go for a blood test, how long should I wait after taking my troche?

You must take your troche 6 to 8 hours before your blood test. Some doctors like to work with levels other than baseline, but a 6-8hr gap is the norm. Hormone levels ‘peak’ at different times of the month but also at different times of the day. It is important that where possible, blood samples be taken at around the same time so a valid comparison can be made.

How much will my BHRT medication cost?

The cost of BHRT or any of our formulas will vary depending on the quantity of hormones prescribed. They are on private prescription without NHS entitlements. Some health funds do reimburse. An average BHRT prescription would be around $80.00 which may last one to two months. Prescribed medications count towards your Tax Deductible Health Costs Threshold. Check with your accountant.

I have obtained a prescription from a doctor, how do I proceed with ordering it from you?

If you click here you can read our step-by-step “Guide to ordering”.

What is a Troche?

Back in the 1800s medical lozenges were extensively used to treat mouth and throat infections. These were small mildly medicated solid masses intended to dissolve in the mouth. In England they were called a lozenge, in the USA a troche, in France a tablette, and in Germany a pastillen. Troches first appeared in the Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia in 1841 and in the British Pharmacopoeia in 1864 – the same book in the standard of today’s pharmacists.The troche provides a means to deliver custom-made medication in small doses directly into the blood stream. Today many drugs, both natural and synthetic, can be used in a troche form to gain rapid onset of action and bypass the usual absorption into the blood stream, thus bypassing the liver. This reduces the load upon the liver and is especially good for liver toxic drugs.

When hormonal treatments and bio-identical hormones are taken by capsule or tablet they are dissolved in the stomach and subjected to liver metabolism, hence lower levels circulate in the body. Troches providing transbuccal absorption, do not go through the gastrointestinal tract.

We find that troches are well suited to hormone replacement therapy mainly because of the ease in which ingredients in each prescription can be altered and because of the absorption route. Being in the form of a ‘Lozenge’ that dissolve in the mouth, troches can be flavoured to your liking.

Where and how should I store my troches?

Troches should be kept out of direct sunlight, in a cool dark place. In extreme heat conditions it is advisable to store them in the fridge. If a troche becomes tacky or slightly sticky it is still okay.

I suffer from headaches and migraines, is this hormone related?

Headaches and migraines, may be related to hormones. PMT-related headaches are usually caused by a lack of progesterone.

Where can I learn more about Natural Hormones?

There is a lot of information throughout our website and some links that will provide further information. Alternatively, phone our office during business hours on (02) 9387 3205.

At what age should I consider using BHRT?

This depends on the condition being treated. BHRT is used to treat:

  • PMS
  • Dysmenorrhoea
  • Menopause
  • Andropause

Will BHRT assist with premenstrual problems?

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is the recurrence of the symptoms before menstruation with complete absence of symptoms after menstruation. These symptoms are not present for more than fourteen days prior to menstruation and they are noted for a minimum of two cycles. The complete absence of symptoms after menstruation is at least seven days. It is this absence of symptoms after menstruation that makes the diagnosis of PMS complete.

The symptoms of PMS also vary enormously; it may be depression that lasts fourteen days, migraines that last a day or two, abdominal bloating, sensitive breasts or sugar cravings. Symptoms are always at their worst immediately prior to menstruation as this is the time when progesterone is most required. If however symptoms do appear after menstruation, this is menstrual magnification and is treatable, but using a different protocol. As there are many symptoms, both physical and psychological, PMS is treated in many and varied ways – from aspirin to antidepressants.

With the advent of molecular microbiology and the discovery of progesterone receptors, a whole new protocol for the treatment of PMS has evolved. With this advanced medical knowledge and the acceptance of these receptors, treatment should be aimed at ensuring their maximum function. A three pronged attack is required – stress, if present must be relieved, the blood sugar level must be maintained, and finally the appropriate progesterone therapy must be applied.

What is anti-ageing Medicine?

Anti-ageing/longevity medicine is the science of youthful ageing. By reducing oxidative stress through better lifestyle choices (diet, exercise, stress) we can slow down the aging clock. BHRT is thought to have a role in this.

Do you have any information on studies or trials carried out on your medications?

Clinical trials on our BHRT were completed at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, by Prof. Barry Wren. The results were published in the journal Climateric 2003;6:104-111. We have thousands of men and women Australia wide using our hormone replacement with great success.

I am a GP interested to learn more about prescribing.

You may also telephone Richard Stenlake on 02 9387 3205 to discuss any unanswered questions or to schedule an appointment to meet personally and have the option to view our facilities.

Will I need a new prescription every time I want to obtain more BHRT?

Your doctor may have written a number of repeats (refills) on your prescription. You can order these via telephone, fax and/or email. Once a prescription is used up, or expires, another prescription is required. PLEASE NOTE that it is ILLEGAL for us to dispense any medication which requires a prescription unless we have that prescription physically on the premises. If any changes are to be made to a prescription we must be advised by the doctor personally or receive an amended prescription.

When your medication is sent out, the label will indicate how many refills you have remaining. When your label reads “No Refills” it is time to get another prescription.

All prescriptions containing Testosterone and/or DHEA have a six month expiry from the date the script was written, even if all repeats have not been used. Most other prescriptions expire one year from the written date – this refers to the prescription’s expiry not the medication’s expiry date.

How long does it take before I receive my medication from you?

Once we have your original prescription the process usually takes 2 working days to prepare the medication for you. A few capsules and creams can be compounded while you wait in about 1 hour.

We advise you order one week in advance especially during holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter etc. It is imperative that you keep a close eye on the available repeats held by us, (which is always indicated on your label) so that when you have no refills left you have enough time to obtain a new prescription.

I suffer from allergies, Is this medication suitable for me?

It is usually okay, but speak with our staff as specific problems need to be looked at individually.

How long before I actually notice results when taking BHRT?

This varies with each individual. Most patients feel improvement within a few days. You can certainly expect results within a few weeks.

Is my medication covered by private insurance?

Many health funds provide rebates to members for these medications. We will provide you with an itemized receipt that has all the appropriate information needed by your health fund.

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