Melatonin is compounded by Stenlake Compounding Chemist from the highest-quality imported raw material, in various strengths and dosage forms including capsules. Stenlake Melatonin Capsules are available in the following strengths and pack sizes:

*MELATONIN 0.5MG to 10mg IMMEDIATE-RELEASE (100 capsules)
*MELATONIN 3MG SLOW-RELEASE (40 or 100 capsules)
*MELATONIN 5MG SLOW-RELEASE (50 or 100 capsules)
*MELATONIN 6MG SLOW-RELEASE (30 or 100 capsules)

Contact your physician or Stenlake Compounding Chemist for more information.

Note this is full strength melatonin, not homeopathic, therefore a prescription is required.

Due to Covid 19, We have had a high demand of orders, orders will take longer to process, please allow time for us to call you back and to process your order. Please email us also if the phone lines are busy.