Fluid retention in hips & chest; nausea; lack of concentration; headaches; forgetful; disrupted sleepLow Progesterone: But directly related to balance with estrogenAdd/increase Progesterone or decrease estrogen
Hot flushes; anxiety; tiredness; agoraphobia; cystitis; itching & burning; dry eyes; dry vagina; specific and unusual aches and pains; ‘cotton-wool head’Low EstrogenIncrease Triest or considerusing Biest
Bloating; sore/ tender nipples & breasts, rapid weight gain; red rash (rosacea); mood swings; weeping; heavy or irregular menses; sleep problems; headachesHigh EstrogenIncrease progesterone – continuously in menopause or cyclically in pre- or peri- menopause. Usual to increase progesterone in a separate troche or reduce estrogen
Low libido; tiredness; no energy; lack of muscle tone; depressionLow TestosteroneAdd in or increasetestosterone dose
Lack of energy; no motivation; zest for life absent.Low DHEAIncrease DHEA dose

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