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Osteoporosis Test

Self-test: Determine your risk of Osteoporosis From Dr J Whitakers guide to NHRT

Print this page and choose the item in each category that best describes you and fill in the point value for that item in the space to the right. You may choose more than one item in categories marked with the asterix.

*If applicable choose more than one

Risk Factor Points Score
Small– boned or petite 10  
Medium frame, very lean 5  
Large frame, very lean 5  
Large Frame, heavy build 0  
Caucasian 5  
Asian 10  
Other 0  
Seldom 30  
1-2 time a week 20  
3-4 time a week 5  
5 or more time a week 0  
10 or more daily 20  
Less than 10 daily 10  
Quit smoking 5  
Never smoked 0  
Total Score    


Risk Factor Points Score
Family history of Osteoporosis 20  
Long term Corticoid use 3  
Long term anticonvulsant use 4  
More than 3 glasses alcohol wk 5  
More than 1 cup coffee day 10  
Seldom outside in the sunshine 10  
Had ovaries removed 10  
Premature menopause 10  
Had no children 10  
  Dietary Factors*  
More than 4oz meat daily 20  
Drink soft drinks regularly 20  
3-5 servings vegetables day 10  
1 cup leafy green veg each day 10  
Take calcium supplement 10  
Eat a vegetarian diet 10  
Total Score    
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