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Insomnia & Relaxation

Apomorphine &/or Phentolamine Troches Prescription Only Dose Reduction Schedules for medicines causing dependence or where gradual withdrawal is required such as for sedatives or antidepressants. Reduction regime needs to follow a protocol prescribed by the...


Osteoporosis is a major problem throughout the world today. The increase bone mass or density, many steps involving hormones, vitamin and mineral supplementation, load bearing exercise and lifestyle modifications must be undertaken to make a significant impact....

Dermatology and Skin Care

Selega Skin Care System high maintenance for ageing skin, developed from Science and Nature by Stenlake/Stencorp our sister company at Stenlake Compounding Chemist. Using only the finest ingredients available, all products are non-comedogenic and contain no artificial...

Optimal Health and Anti-ageing

Natural Hormone Replacement and the Pursuit of Optimal Health Health is a holistic goal, and hormonal health put simply is a large significant factor of that big picture. To control your hormonal health you need to work with an understanding doctor who believes in the...