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Welcome! Stenlake Compounding Chemist is here to provide quality customised medications in strengths, dosage forms, flavours and bases designed to suit your individual circumstances. As the people who brought pharmaceutical compounding to Australia some two decades ago, we are second to none.

Our¬†state of the art laboratories include testing¬†facilities which we combine with attention to detail in our procedures to ensure that medicines are prepared to the highest standards – at times even exceeding regulatory requirements. In fact if we can’t prepare it well, we won’t prepare it all.

Our patients are entitled to no-cost consultations. From Stenlake Compounding Chemist you get more than just medicine in a bottle. We liase with your physicians and provide information and support as required.


The type of progesterone used in HRT affects the risk of breast cancer. Find out why micronised (bio-identical) progesterone is preferred. A French study of 54,548 women indicates that when combined with synthetic progestins, both oral and transdermal estrogens increase the risk of breast cancer. Micronised progesterone does not.

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